We've taken the cellophane off of our new calendars, but we didn't find the clean, blank pages we expected. Instead, our year is already filling up with lots of events, which means there's lots of fun to look forward to. We'll keep you updated as the months progress, but here's the first installment to get you started. 

We wish you all the best for 2015, and hope to see you soon! 

Leslie, Val and all the staff at Quilty Pleasures

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Thanks to everyone for coming out to our "Don't Make Us Count It!" sale! Our shelves are looking mighty bare right now, which will make taking inventory much easier. However, it will still take us a full day to count everything, so please note that the store will be closed on Monday, February 2.

The good news is that all of the new spring fabric is starting to arrive, so it's a classic case of "out with the old, in with the NEW"!


School's in session! If you can't make it on the 8th (or if you want to do some pre-open house studying), you can take a look at our class schedule here.

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Everyone knows how much we love Brenda Miller and her patterns, and now we can show you why! For the entire month of January, we have a mini trunk show of some of Brenda's most popular bags, made by her very own self. You'll see for yourself how the practicality of her designs and her attention to detail ensure bags that function beautifully. And her patterns are just as thoughtful, clearly described and well illustrated to guarantee success. 

We have the patterns, and the fixin's, to make these projects perfect, so be sure to take a look. They're so professional, and, with Brenda's excellent patterns, yours will be, too!

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How does a full weekend of non-stop quilting sound?

Our annual In-Town Retreat is being held at Camelot Golf & Country Club from Friday, March 27 till Sunday, March 29. Only 5 minutes east of Place d’Orleans, Camelot offers bright, spacious sewing and socializing areas with spectacular views of the Ottawa River and Gatineau Hills, along with gourmet meals and a cash bar. We’ll provide mini-classes, games, prizes and surprises, with, of course, lots of dedicated sewing time.

Arrive any time after 2:00 pm on Friday and go home to sleep at 10:00, leaving your machine and all your stuff without worry, ready for the next day’s sewing. Come back from 9:00 am until 10:00 pm on Saturday, then spend from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm on Sunday. The cost of the weekend, which includes two three-course dinners, two continental breakfasts, two lunches and between-meal munchies, is only $375, plus HST.

Space is limited for this very popular event, so sign up early -- we don't want you to miss out!

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How much time and effort have you spent trying to come up with attractive, yet functional, storage solutions for your sewing space? How has that worked out for you? Probably not very well, judging by the grumbling we hear every day!

Well, here is welcome news: After consulting with real sewers, looking at their real sewing spaces, and analyzing their real needs,  the talented designers at Inspira have come up with a collection of cabinets to solve all your problems.

Just imagine, one cupboard devoted entirely to threads, another for hoops and stabilizers, and another for fabric. Then add a generous three-drawer supply cabinet, a compartmentalized unit for all the odds and ends, a mobile notions cart, and an adjustable activity table. The result? A perfectly organized room that lets you find what you need when you need it, which means more time for sewing!

Click here to view the Inspira Studio catalogue. Then take a few measurements and make some plans -- your sewing space is about to become a studio!


It's always exciting when Pfaff launches some new machines, but it's particularly exciting that they've brought out four models just for our anniversary! They haven't finished the commemorative labels yet, but we're sure they'll be arriving any day now. In the meantime, just take a look at these:

smarter140s-182X138 (GIF) smarter160s-182X138 (GIF) quilt ambition2 (GIF) creative 4 (GIF)
smarter by pfaff 140s 
  • 21 stitches
  • built-in needle threader
  • manual buttonhole
smarter by pfaff 160s 
  • 23 stitches
  • built-in needle threader
  • automatic buttonhole
quilt ambition 2.0 
  • 201 stitches, 7 mm width
  • high-resolution touch-screen display with easy navigation
  • bobbin sensor
  • adjustable presser foot pressure
  • alphabets and sequencing
creative 4.5 embroidery machine 
  • 480 stitches, 9 mm width
  • large, full-colour, wide-angle screen
  • large embroidery hoop
  • precise positioning
  • increased embroidery speed
  • ribbon stitches, stacking stitches, unique Stitch Creator for extra fun!

The smarter by pfaff machines are young and fun, perfect for beginners and sewers on the go. How could you not get excited about sewing when your machine is hot pink?

The quilt ambition 2.0 is specifically designed for quilters, and includes all the features and feet you need to tackle all of your  projects. With a larger-than-normal throat area and a less-than-expected price, this machine will help you tackle your projects with ease!

The creative 4.5 sets a new standard for those interested in high-end sewing and embroidery without any interest in breaking the bank. This machine comes mighty close to the top-of-the-line creative sensation pro in terms of features, so you can get the full experience!

All of these machines are set up and ready to demo. No matter what your sewing needs or budget, we have the perfect machine for you! Just come in and we'll make the introductions.

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flying grad Many students pass through the hallowed halls of the Quilty Pleasures Institute in search of higher education, but not all complete their projects.  If you would like to come back for some grad work, you can tackle your PhD – Projects Half Done – with the help of Leslie, Val, Sherrill and Marie-Claire.

The summer school classes were very well attended, so we have decided to continue them on a regular basis. Check the class schedule for dates and times, and please note that the projects you bring should be from Quilty Pleasures classes so that we'll be able to help you! 

blue line 910
Often*, when you attend a class at Quilty Pleasures, you have the option of borrowing a classroom machine instead of bringing your own. This not only makes travelling to class easier for you, it also allows you to see what's new in the world of machines. 

We are pleased to announce that the official classroom machine is now the Pfaff Performance 5.0. It's the top-of-the-line, with all the features you'll learn to love, yet it's user-friendly and amazingly easy to operate.  
Just advise us at the time you register for a class, and we'll make sure to have a machine ready for you. 
performance 5.0

*Because of the amount of homework involved, we don't recommend using a classroom machine for Quilting I. For that class, it's better to have your own machine in class. That way, the teacher can help you with any issues that arise. If you'd like to buy a Performance 5.0, that's still an option!


We continue to collect cuddle quilts for the Montfort. If you've never made one before, a word of explanation: These are small baby quilts that are placed in the neonatal incubators and bassinets, so the size is restricted to between 22" x 22" and 24" x 24". Their small size also makes them perfect for testing block patterns, busting your stash, and practicing free-motion quilting.

Keeping in mind the intended recipients are newborns, please aim for cute and cheerful, using only 100% cotton or flannel in the top and backing, and 100% cotton thread for the construction and quilting.  

Cuddle quilts are typically sent home with the babies who use them, so there is a constant demand for them.

Your donations will be gratefully appreciated!

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We can special-order products for you!

It happens all the time: You're reading someone's blog and they recommend a pattern, book, notion, or other item that you'd really like to have. Only trouble is, either they don't sell it or you don't want to order it from them because of the exchange rate, shipping costs, Customs issues, whatever.

Let us deal with it! We can usually order these products from our suppliers, and all of the hassles are taken care of. No fuss, no muss, and your order comes right to the store and into your hands.

You are most welcome to visit our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages. Amy makes sure you're up-to-date on all the QP news! So take a look and be one of our Quilty Pleasures friends! (A new window will open.)