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There's a myth out there that summer is a relaxing time. It isn't. The days are long and we don't have to wear boots, so we cram as much as possible into our schedules. Even the fun stuff takes its toll.
That's why it's important to remember to take a break to do those things that we love -- like sewing!
So take some time to drop by and see us. Our Summer Garden of Values continues until Labour Day, summer classes are still running, and we have some really terrific deals on sewing machines -- everything you need to put some "ease" back into the season!

Hope to see you soon,

Leslie, Val, Tamara, Amy, Valerie, Paulette, Rachel, Carrie and Anne

PS Quick reminder: We'll be closed on Monday, September 3 for Labour Day.


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Yes, you read that right! The sale is extended! From now until August 31, 2018, we will take any make or model of sewing machine as a trade-in against the purchase of a creative icon! Your final price will be unbelievable!

Pfaff's creative icon embroidery machine is unsurpassed by anything on the market today. Maximum precision, unparalleled performance, technological excellence -- the icon offers the most advanced engineering and design to let you express your creativity perfectly.

But there's more! If your trade-in machine happens to be a Pfaff creative sensation, creative sensation pro, or creative sensation pro II, you will also qualify for a $500 rebate directly from Pfaff!

So why wait? Put a creative icon in your sewing studio and see what Best in Class is all about!

Perfection Starts Here
icon Trade-in

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Pfaff Trio
It's been a while since Pfaff revamped its lineup of machines, but big changes are coming in October!

We don't have any details yet, but two things are certain:

1/ the entire ambition line, expression line, and performance 5.2 will be completely redesigned; and

2/ prices will go up.

To clear the way for the new machines, we're offering super-duper prices on existing stock!
These models are all very popular, tried-and-true favourites that have gained a loyal following through the years. If you want one before they disappear, come see us. This will be your last chance!

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It's all-too-short and all-too-hot, but we love this season! When else can we quilt on the deck? Or in the RV? Or at the cottage?

If you want to try any or all of the above, check out Pfaff's "Travelling" specials this month -- both the passport 2.0 and passport 3.0 have been specially priced to let you hit the road (or just the backyard) for your sewing pleasure.

Lightweight, but packed with features, these little powerhouses will take you wherever you want to sew!
Travelling Deals
Get off on the right foot! On sale!

During the month of August, all Pfaff branded accessories are 18% off the regular price. That includes both in-stock items and special orders*.

There's nothing like a specialty foot or tool to make your sewing life easier. Take a look at Pfaff's Accessory Catalogue here to make your wish list, then see us to make your wishes come true.

* with prepayment
18 Percent Off

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It's gardening season again!

And, as with any flower garden, your fabric garden needs annual maintenance: Identify colour gaps, deal with the weeds, add some new varieties. As a public service, we are again offering our ever-popular Summer Garden of Values!

Every week during the summer, we'll be featuring a different colour. If that colour appears, in even the tiniest amount, in a regularly-priced fabric, it's 25% off! This applies to fabric on the bolt (minimum cut 0.25m), fat quarters, pre-cuts such as charm squares and jelly rolls, and kits.

Take a look at this year's schedule, then start digging through your stash to get your garden in order. Unlike the real kind of gardening, this one's much easier on the manicure!
Summer Garden of Values

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It's our pleasure to let you know that the PFAFF® creative icon™ has won the prestigious "Red Dot: "Best of the Best" design award!

The "Best of the Best" award means that the creative icon™ was deemed to be one of the best designed products globally launched in 2017. Only 69 products, or 1% of all nominated entries, have received this award. This includes products from categories as wide as lamps and garden furniture, to ships, planes and trains. 

The icon has won in the category "Household appliances and household accessories". This category includes vacuums, washers and other large house hold appliances.

Congratulations to Pfaff and its fabulous creative icon!
More About the Red Dot Award
The origins of the Red Dot Design Award date back to 1955. Its distinction, the Red Dot, is established internationally as one of the most sought-after quality marks for good design.
With the help of the jury, the internationally organized competition "Red Dot Award: Product Design" appraises the best products of the year. In 48 categories, manufacturers and designers can enter their innovations. The jury only awards a Red Dot to products with a high design quality. The best products of a category are awarded the "Red Dot: Best of the Best"
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We had a blast at this year's in-town retreat and everybody lived to tell the tale (although there was a lot of "What happens at retreat stays at retreat" going on!). Thanks to everyone who attended -- we hope you had as much fun as we did.

Believe it or not, we've already started thinking about next year's adventure, so stay tuned. We'll be announcing details sometime in December and we hope you'll be able to join us!

We've just created a page full of pictures featuring this year's happy Retreat participants.
Have a look! 

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Have a Featherweight? You Need a Heavyweight!

Attention all collectors of vintage Featherweights! Arrow Cabinets has produced a limited-edition cabinet just for you!

It fits all 221 black machines perfectly, with no need for an insert, and arrives fully assembled ready to set your machine in at the perfect height.

Quantities are limited, just like the 221, so don't wait too long to order your machine's perfect companion.

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PFAFF creative icon: Sewing vs Driving!
Creative Icon


The new Pfaff creative icon sewing and embroidery machine is a truly remarkable, state-of-the-art piece of engineering. And, of course, this kind of quality comes at a significant cost. When the price of the icon is mentioned, the most frequent comment we hear is “I could buy a car for that!”, which is true if you aren’t too fussy about the model.

However, there are many reasons why you should put your money into an icon instead of a vehicle. As a public service, we have listed some of them here:

  1. The icon has a much tinier carbon footprint than a car. It runs on thread, not gas.
  2. Sewing machines were green before it was cool. Still are.
  3. You can drink while driving the icon. Or text. Or watch Netflix.
  4. You can put your pedal to the metal and not get a speeding ticket.
  5. The icon does not require snow tires or antifreeze. And it will never get stuck in a snowbank.
  6. No one expects you to drive them anywhere, or pick up groceries, with the icon.
  7. You can convert your garage into a fabric vault or sewing studio, as nature intended.
  8. Can a car embroider?
  9. Rush hour will take on a whole new meaning, where the “rush” refers to exhilaration.
  10. You don’t have to parallel park the icon.
  11. No seatbelts, airbags, or child restraints required. The icon’s safety record is impeccable.
  12. You can’t make Christmas presents in a car. Only pollution.
  13. The icon will take you anywhere your imagination and creativity lead you.

You’re welcome. Have fun with your new Pfaff creative icon!!

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Sometimes the deals come along when the budget isn't quite ready. Did you know there are several financing options which are always available to help you in the short or longer term?

3 Months No Payment, No Interest is always a great solution because it comes at no extra cost and is available on all machines over $500.
Dollar Sign
If you prefer Equal Payments, there are two plans from which to choose: 48 months or 60 months, each at a cost of just 8.9%. These plans are available for all machines costing over $2000.

Interested? Just ask us for details. The process is simple and will put a machine in your sewing room right when you need it.

blueline910 (GIF)

Teacher Val
School may be out for the kids, but not for us. Why not join us in air conditioned comfort for a few hours? Take a break from the gardening, try out some new patterns, learn some new techniques. Maybe even get a head start on Christmas presents!

Our on-going class schedule is posted here. Take a look, then give us a call to register. Summer school isn't punishment anymore!



Carting your machine back and forth to classes can be a pain -- literally. Lighten the load with Pfaff's fabulous little passport 3.0!

Weighing just over 6 kg, it's lightweight and compact, making it a perfect travel machine. But that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice features -- the passport has Pfaff's famous IDT dual-feed system, 100 stitches, full electronic functions, built-in thread snips, and it takes all of your standard Pfaff feet.

Add the extension table (which travels in its own bag, securely attached to the machine's hard carrying case), and your passport 3.0 can take you anywhere you want to go!
Passport Machine

blueline910 (GIF)


Often*, when you attend a class at Quilty Pleasures, you have the option of borrowing a classroom machine instead of bringing your own. This not only makes travelling to class easier for you, it also allows you to see what's new in the world of machines.

We are pleased to announce that you now have the choice of two machines to use in the classroom:

expression 3.5
The Pfaff expression 3.5 offers lots of light, lots of throat area, and the incomparable IDT dual-feed system. From the middle of the hugely popular expression series, it has all the features you'll learn to love while being user-friendly and amazingly easy to operate.
Memory Craft 9400
The Janome MC9400 is a top-of-the-line machine with all the bells and whistles (and yet it's surprisingly quiet). Full-featured with touch-screen navigation, this machine will spoil you for anything else.


Just advise us at the time you register for a class, and we'll make sure to have a machine ready for you.

*Because of the amount of homework involved, we don't recommend using a classroom machine for Quilting I. For that class, it's better to bring your own machine with you. That way, the teacher can help you with any issues that arise. However, if you'd like to buy either an expression 3.5 or an MC9400, that's still an option!

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We continue to collect cuddle quilts for the Montfort. 

If you've never made one before, a word of explanation: These are small baby quilts that are placed in the neonatal incubators and bassinets, so the size is restricted to between 22" x 22" and 24" x 24". Their small size also makes them perfect for testing block patterns, busting your stash, and practicing free-motion quilting.

Keeping in mind the intended recipients are newborns, please aim for cute and cheerful, using only 100% cotton or flannel in the top and backing, and 100% cotton thread for the construction and quilting. Cuddle quilts are typically sent home with the babies who use them, so there is a constant demand for them.

Thanks very much. Your donations will be gratefully appreciated!


We can special-order products for you!

It happens all the time: You're reading someone's blog and they recommend a pattern, book, notion, or other item that you'd really like to have. Only trouble is, either they don't sell it or you don't want to order it from them because of the exchange rate, shipping costs, Customs issues, whatever.

Let us deal with it! We can usually order these products from our suppliers, and all of the hassles are taken care of. No fuss, no muss, and your order comes right to the store and into your hands.



We know that price is a big factor when shopping for quilting supplies, and it's easy to assume that big box or chain stores will always offer a better price than an independent quilt shop.

However, we recently have had several customers tell us of specific instances where our prices were equal to or better than our competitors', even after their 50% discount was applied. We appreciate knowing that people are paying attention and realizing that our prices are competitive, even though we're a small, local business.

To our watchdog customers: Thanks very much for doing the math!


We try our best to offer classes that we think will appeal, but we are always open to suggestions.

If there is a class that you would like to take but we aren't offering, just let us know. And if you have a group of friends who would like to take a class together, we can arrange that, too.

Happy to help.

Classroom 453 glasses