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Another "Oh, wow, look at that!" construction technique from Gudrun Erla and her fabulous Stripology Squared ruler. It all starts with humble 10" squares, but just watch as the magic happens (well, OK, you have to do a little bit of cutting and sewing, to help it along, but still). The result: an optically arresting quilt that will stop everybody in their tracks.

Quilting I

This novice class starts from the basics -- preparing, measuring, and rotary cutting fabric, perfecting the elusive 1/4" seam, and pressing. It will then lead you through the process of making a sampler quilt that can be as funky or traditional as you like. You'll make a variety of traditional pieced blocks, along with some applique, and they'll all be assembled into a quilt top that you'll be proud to display as your first ever quilt. But not your last!

Sep 19
Machine Quilting I
Sep 21
Jellyroll Rug
Sep 22
Duffle Bag