2211 St. Joseph Boulevard
Orleans, Ontario
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Jellyroll Rug

Our frugal pioneer foremothers braided and hand sewed leftover cloth into colourful floor rugs. Here's the modern version, perfect for quilters who have jelly rolls (or other 2-1/2" strips) and leftover batting to contend with. It's a fun technique, with no hand sewing required, and you'll end up with a beautiful floor mat, warm tootsies, and an even warmer sense of virtue. Waste not, want not!

Quilting I

This novice class starts from the basics -- preparing, measuring, and rotary cutting fabric, perfecting the elusive 1/4" seam, and pressing. It will then lead you through the process of making a sampler quilt that can be as funky or traditional as you like. You'll make a variety of traditional pieced blocks, along with some applique, and they'll all be assembled into a quilt top that you'll be proud to display as your first ever quilt. But not your last!

Notions Commotion

What's that for? Lots of cool new notions, rulers, gadgets and patterns have been introduced in recent months. Come in to see what they are and how they work at our special demo presentation; we'll be showing some of the older great gizmos, too, in case you need a refresher course. Please register in advance so that we can set up the appropriate number of chairs.

Jul 5
Notions Commotion
Jul 10
Machine Quilting Express
Jul 11
PhD with Paulette