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Duffle Bag

Try this streamlined duffle for a carefree carry-on. The hard part is choosing your size (small, medium or large) and your style (square or rounded ends). After that, it's easy: flat construction, no hardware, and a super-simple zipper installation. After this class, you'll be good to go!

I Used To Be A Layer Cake Bargello

Take a layer cake, cut it into strips, sew the strips together. Cut, stagger, and repeat. Easy recipe for a spectacular wall hanging!

Machine Quilting II: Beyond the Basics

More fun with free motion! Now that you already know the basics, expand your repertoire of designs and improve your level of confidence with more advanced quilting patterns.

Apr 26
Whale Tail Table Runner
Apr 28
Pineapple Runner
Apr 30
Machine Quilting I