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A BETTER 2021!

We're all happy to see the tail end of 2020, and, while 2021 isn't off to a great start, we're still looking forward to a new, improved year!

We don't have a crystal ball to see how things are going to play out, but it's probably safe to say that we won't be going anywhere soon. So stock up on supplies and hunker down in your sewing room. If you'd rather be anywhere else (and really, by this point, who wouldn't?) here are a couple of suggestions to keep it interesting: 1/ sew something fun, not just masks, and 2/ put on some ukulele music and pretend you're in Hawaii!

Val, Leslie, Amy, and all the girls at QP

UPDATE: OK, according to the latest government directives, we are open for online orders (with curbside pickup or mailing options) only for the foreseeable future.
Pickup hours are Monday - Friday 10:00 - 5:00 and Saturdays 10:00 - 4:00.
But, if you live in the K1B, K1C, K1E, K4A, K1J, or K1W postal codes, we offer home delivery for $5 (minimum order $20). This is a great way to stay at home, follow the rules, and still get your stuff!

Another thing with the new regs: We are not allowed to take payment at the door during this period. Online orders, obviously, are prepaid, but if you have a special order or a sewing machine repair that requires payment, please give us a call to take care of that before coming to pick up your order in the parking lot. Thank you, and stay safe!
Josh Sorenson - Pexels
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Pandemic or no, we still have to take stock of our stock, so we're enlisting your help. From Saturday, January 9 through midnight on Friday, January 22, pretty much everything in our online store will be on sale*:
  • 25% off upstairs fabric, including pre-cuts other than fat quarters (minimum 0.3m cut off the bolt);
  • Basement fabric will remain at 50% off regular price (minimum 1m cut);
  • 20% off all notions, books, patterns, needles, threads, battings and stabilizers;
Thank you for moving our stash to your stash. Have fun with it!
*To be clear, this sale is online only. Curbside pickup will be available, but in-store shopping is not permitted during current restrictions.

PS: Once the dust settles, we'll have to count what's left, so please note that we'll be closed to in-store shopping (if such a thing is possible) on Saturday, January 30.


It's been tough buying a sewing machine lately. Demand is huge, supplies are limited, and they sell out as soon as we get them.

But here's the first good news of 2021:

We have some Pfaff expression 710's and quilt expression 720's in stock!

They're available for curbside pickup while our supply lasts.
Expression 710
Quilt Expression 720

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INTRODUCING THE Pfaff creative icon 2!

Pfaff has some very exciting news for you --- the new creative icon 2 sewing and embroidery machine is getting ready to launch next spring!

What's so special? Well, it has very cool features like AI, and speech recognition, and a built-in camera and projector, and connection to mySewnet, and ... sorry, there's just way too much to list here. But ask us for details -- we'd love to tell you all about it!

There's a pre-launch campaign underway now, with a very limited number of machines being pre-sold in three gorgeous colours (Northern LIghts, Winter White, and Dusk Fabric), with a bonus $2200 luggage and accessory bundle included.

If you want to get in on the excitement, give us a call. We can set you up!

Meantime, enjoy this video!

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There has never been a better time to buy a high-end sewing machine! In fact, that's pretty much all that's available* these days. So we've been sharpening our pencils to give you the very best prices possible.

The Pfaff creative series (the icon, 4.5, 3.0, and 1.5 embroidery machines) and the top-of-the-line performance icon sewing machine are all in stock at the warehouse and priced to sell.

*We do have a very limited supply of smarter by Pfaff 160s in stock, but they're going fast!
Creative Icon

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A QP gift card works on our online shop as well as in the store! So take a look in your wallet and junk drawer. A GOOD look.

If you find a Quilty Pleasures gift card, bring it in or call us with the number. If it has a balance on it, you can spend it like cash on whatever we sell, wherever we sell it. Fabric, notions, tune-ups ... . It's literally found money!

Those cards aren't doing any good sitting at home, so redeem them now and buy some fun!


Implementing an on-line shopping platform has necessitated a number of changes around here. One of the biggest is our new POS system, which won't affect you too much in your day-to-day shopping with us, but it does change how our loyalty programme works.

In a nutshell, the new system gives you a $10 coupon good for 90 days for every $250 you spend in the store*. Still pretty rewarding!

*Rewards are earned on regular-priced items only. Does not include classes or sewing machines.

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Here's a timely message, written by one of our very own customers for all of the young children in our lives.

Laurelle Callaghan is well-known within the local quilting community. She's also a retired chaplain in the Canadian Armed Forces, so she has ample experience in helping families with difficult situations.

It's no surprise, then, that she turned her own experience with COVID-19 into a picture book that helps kids and their parents deal with the realities of life during this pandemic. Told from the viewpoint of a six-year-old, the story's serious content is blended with a healthy dose of humour, making it perfect for encouraging family discussions about a troubling topic.
 	Nana Caught a Bug
The book is only $20 (shipping and handling included) and may be ordered directly from Laurelle at

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Maybe you remember meeting Barry Jenkins, our TrendTex sales rep, at our Christmas open house last year. He's pretty memorable, but we know you were really blown away by all the fabrics he showed you.

Well, we aren't in a position to order every fabric TrendTex sells, but now you have an exciting opportunity to shop directly from their warehouse! This will give you access to a huge inventory of Moda, Benartex, RJR, Hoffman California, Stof, Michael Miller, and Lewis & Irene collections!
TrendTex Logo
Here's how it works: Starting on June 22,

1/ Visit to, well, shop;
2/ At checkout, enter the code QUI102 This gives us a portion of the sale, keeping your dollars local;
3/Shipping is $15 for all orders under $149, and free for orders of $149 and over.

This is a unique programme and we're excited to be a part of it, so please give it a go. It's always disappointing for us when a customer requests a fabric we don't have, but this gives you another way to buy exactly what you want.

It's easy, it's fun, and it's fabric. All good!

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We know that all of you are sewing full-tilt, making masks and other PPE for family and friends. And we also know that a lot of your machines are having trouble keeping up.

We're now accepting machines for servicing!

You may drop off your machine during our regular curbside pickup hours. Please include the power cord and foot control, the zigzag foot, and the bobbin case with bobbin. Keep all extra feet and accessories, thread, manuals, etc (ie, anything we can lose!) safe at home with you. And please wipe off the machine with a Lysol wipe, or similar, and we'll return the favour when your servicing is completed. 

Cartoon Doctor

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mySewnet™ Cloud is, in essence, a service where you save and access your personal files, stitches and designs over the Internet instead of on your computer’s hard drive. Your files in mySewnet™ Cloud can be saved and accessed from different synched devices such as your mySewnet™- enabled machine, your PC or Mac, your smart phone, or your tablet via mySewnet™ apps. And it lets you do so many things!

By visiting the mySewnet™Portal, you can access your own profile information, user account settings, machine information, subscription options and online cloud file management. It is easily accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, including mac computers. Sign up for SewNotice, an app that lets you monitor your embroidery stitch-out progress via notifications on your smart phone. Get notifications when you're out of thread, ready to change colors, and when your design is done. Or take a look at ImageStitch, an app that allows you to take a photo and quickly create an embroidery design with it. Save the design to your mySewnet™ Account to be synchronized to your machine.

Even if you don't have an embroidery machine, you'll love CreatorCue, an app that allows you to view step by step tutorials for various sewing techniques on your tablet or smart phone. It also includes instructions for projects and handy information about stabilizers, with more content being added all the time.
SewNet Guy

For instructions on registering for mySewnet, click here. To download CreatorCue, click here. Then have fun!

blue lineCLASSES! 

Teacher Val

Unfortunately, classes have suspended indefinitely. As soon as things get back to normal, we'll post a new schedule.

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Carting your machine back and forth to classes can be a pain -- literally. Lighten the load with Pfaff's fabulous little passport 3.0!

Weighing just over 6 kg, it's lightweight and compact, making it a perfect travel machine. But that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice features -- the passport has Pfaff's famous IDT dual-feed system, 100 stitches, full electronic functions, built-in thread snips, and it takes all of your standard Pfaff feet.

Add the extension table (which travels in its own bag, securely attached to the machine's hard carrying case), and your passport 3.0 can take you anywhere you want to go!

Passport Machine


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Often*, when you attend a class at Quilty Pleasures, you have the option of borrowing a classroom machine instead of bringing your own. This not only makes travelling to class easier for you, it also allows you to see what's new in the world of machines.

The Pfaff quilt expression 720 offers lots of light, lots of throat area, and the incomparable IDT dual-feed system. From the top of the hugely popular expression series, it has all the features you'll learn to love while being user-friendly and amazingly easy to operate. We have it set up in a Crafty Table, too, so you can be really comfy.

expression 3.5

Just advise us at the time you register for a class, and we'll make sure to have a machine ready for you.

*Because of the amount of homework involved, we don't recommend using a classroom machine for Quilting I. For that class, it's better to bring your own machine with you. That way, the teacher can help you with any issues that arise. However, if you'd like to buy a new machine, that's still an option!


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Please visit our Facebook and Instagram pages for all the latest QP happenings.

Amy keeps those sites up-to-date, so take a look and be one of our Quilty Pleasures friends! (A new window will open when you click the above links.)

If you want our Facebook postings to pop up on your news feed, visit our FB page, click "Follow". (it's next to the "Like" button.

Hovering over the "Follow" button will show you a menu with the "Get Notifications" option. Selecting this means you will be alerted in your notifications window whenever we post something.

So easy to be so connected!

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We continue to collect cuddle quilts for the Montfort. 

If you've never made one before, a word of explanation: These are small baby quilts that are placed in the neonatal incubators and bassinets, so the size is restricted to between 22" x 22" and 24" x 24". Their small size also makes them perfect for testing block patterns, busting your stash, and practicing free-motion quilting.

Keeping in mind the intended recipients are newborns, please aim for cute and cheerful, using only 100% cotton or flannel in the top and backing, and 100% cotton thread for the construction and quilting. Cuddle quilts are typically sent home with the babies who use them, so there is a constant demand for them.

Thanks very much. Your donations will be gratefully appreciated!

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We can special-order products for you!

It happens all the time: You're reading someone's blog and they recommend a pattern, book, notion, or other item that you'd really like to have. Only trouble is, either they don't sell it or you don't want to order it from them because of the exchange rate, shipping costs, Customs issues, whatever.

Let us deal with it! We can usually order these products from our suppliers, and all of the hassles are taken care of. No fuss, no muss, and your order comes right to the store and into your hands.



We know that price is a big factor when shopping for quilting supplies, and it's easy to assume that big box or chain stores will always offer a better price than an independent quilt shop.

However, we recently have had several customers tell us of specific instances where our prices were equal to or better than our competitors', even after their 50% discount was applied. We appreciate knowing that people are paying attention and realizing that our prices are competitive, even though we're a small, local business.

To our watchdog customers: Thanks very much for doing the math!

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We try our best to offer classes that we think will appeal, but we are always open to suggestions.

If there is a class that you would like to take but we aren't offering, just let us know. And if you have a group of friends who would like to take a class together, we can arrange that, too.

Happy to help.

Classroom 453 glasses