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We continue to collect cuddle quilts for the Montfort. 

If you've never made one before, a word of explanation: These are small baby quilts that are placed in the neonatal incubators and bassinets, so the size is restricted to between 22" x 22" and 24" x 24". Their small size also makes them perfect for testing block patterns, busting your stash, and practicing free-motion quilting.

Keeping in mind the intended recipients are newborns, please aim for cute and cheerful, using only 100% cotton or flannel in the top and backing, and 100% cotton thread for the construction and quilting. Cuddle quilts are typically sent home with the babies who use them, so there is a constant demand for them.

Thanks very much. Your donations will be gratefully appreciated!

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Victoria's Quilts Canada (VQC) provides handmade quilts to people living with cancer in Canada. By providing these quilts, they hope to bring physical comfort to those dealing with cancer as well as spiritual comfort in knowing that they are not alone in their struggle.

Their organization now comprises over 1,300 volunteers in 24 communities across Canada, plus Ottawa. The quilts they provide are made by individual quilters who work independently or in groups in a team setting similar to the quilting bees of times past. Since 1999, they have delivered over 81,000 quilts to people living with cancer across the country.

At Quilty Pleasures, we accept donations of quilting cotton, quilt tops and finished quilts. Quilts should be approximately 50" x 70" (2" leeway smaller or larger).

For more information, visit

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Founded by Vanessa Genier, an Indigenous mother from Missianabie First Nation in Ontario, Quilts For Survivors believes that a quilt is love sewn together to bring people together. The organization started with a group on Facebook asking other quilters to join in making quilt blocks to honour residential school survivors. We wish to honour the lives of the children who are just now finding their way home as Turtle Island releases the children back to their Nations across this land.

Quilt blocks should be 16.5" square and made of 100% cotton quilting fabric.
The only restrictions are we ask that you avoid any travel related or school related fabric. We also ask that you avoid religious fabric. A bit of orange in the block is a bonus!

If you prefer to donate a top, it should be 48" x 64" or lap size. Completed quilts can be any size.

Blocks and tops can be left at Quilty Pleasures for donation.

Thank you!

For more information, visit


A Quilt of Valour™ is a hug from a grateful nation and a tribute to an injured Canadian Armed Forces member, past or present.  Although most of us will never know the soldier who will receive our quilt, imagine what it would be like for you if you did know the soldier.  What if that soldier was your spouse, your brother/sister, your friend or your child?  

A Quilt of Valour™ serves a special purpose and quality construction is important. Quilt standards must reflect the level of gratitude that we want to demonstrate to the recipient.  Quilts of Valour™ can be made by individuals, social groups or quilting bees. In all cases we request that the standards we have established are followed.  If you are making a quilt or have a quilt ready to donate please ensure that it meets the QOV Specifications.

  • Fabrics should be new, high quality 100% cotton.  Do not use repurposed fabrics (eg: old shirts, blue jeans etc.)

  • Choose fabrics with prints that are appropriate for a Canadian Armed Force member.

  • Patterns and blocks can be of any design; however, recipients often prefer quilts that have a Canadian theme.

  • Quilts must be large enough to cover an average-sized adult, with a minimum size of 55” x 70” and a maximum size of 72” X 84”.

  • Quilts must have a top, batting, and backing, and must be machine quilted or hand quilted.  A tied or tufted quilt is not acceptable as a Quilt of Valour.

  • Backing fabric should also be a good quality cotton fabric, and if seamed the selvage edges have been trimmed from the seam.  

  • Batting should be 100% cotton or an 80/20 cotton/poly blend.  Wool, bamboo or 100% polyester batting should be avoided.

  • Quilting should be appropriate for the quilt and not overly dense, which can reduce the loft of the quilt.

  • Binding strips should be joined with diagonal seams. Binding should be double-fold (“French fold”), attached by machine, and finished by hand or machine.

  • Please DO NOT wash the completed quilt. We want your gift to be crisp and new.

  • Provide your name and the names of others who helped make the quilt so that they may all be added to the label.

For more information, visit

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Our local quilt guild can find a home for pretty much any size of donated quilt (as well as batting and fabric). They seem to receive donations that are in the more adult colour ranges, so they are currently keen on brighter colour choices for children and teens. Here is a guide to give you an idea of what is needed:

Children and youth - anywhere from 40" x 40" to 60" x 72" (whether it goes to a child or a youth/teen depends on size and fabric choices)

Adult - any size adult bed quilt. 60" x 75" (twin size) is very welcome as many of the organizations have single beds

Wheelchair - 36" x 36" up to 40" x 40"

Drop them at QP or join in on one of their meetings held every 2nd Tuesday of the month at the MIFO Centre!

For more information, visit

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