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Gallery 1 (2014 - 2018)

The QP Gallery is like a big beautiful trunk show and everyone's invited! Here's where we can share each other's lovely accomplishments. Take a picture of your latest creation and send it to


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Karen-2018-Q1Karen 2018-Q1
Linda-2018-Q1Linda 2018-Q1
Dawn, Kim and Claire-2017-Wine-Bag-ClassDawn, Kim and Claire 2017-Wine-Bag-C

Diane M 2017-Woolly Woolly Bag.jpg

< Hi there:

I just thought I’d show you my finished bag. I think it turned out great. Thanks for all your help.

Diane M-2017-Woolly-Woolly-Bag
Dianne C-2017-Q1 for the NoviceDianne C-2017-Q1 for the Novice


Lynn M-2017-Q1 for the NoviceLynn M-2017-Q1 for the Novice

Gisele A-2017 Woolly Woolly BagMy aunt and I had to stop in Antigonish on our way to Chéticamp on Cape Breton.  The island is under a winter storm advisory.  Decided to finish our woolly woolly bags to pass the time.
My aunt and I are both pleased, and extend our thanks to Valerie for a great course!

< Gisèle A-2017-Woolly Woolly Bag

Hello ladies,

I finally finished my son's lap quilt (he's 6'2").  

Feels great!

I learned a lot about curves with this one. Oh! And measuring thrice before trimming the blocks. Hopefully, you won't notice that the blocks are a tad smaller than measurements in the pattern.

Happy sewing,

                                        Joanne L-2017-Argyle >

Joanne L-2017 Argyle

Kathryn P-2017 Table Runner Kathryn P-2017 Table Runner

Hello Leslie, Val, Amy and Tamara,

I just had to send you a picture of my completed table runner. I am pleased with the fabric choice. Thanks Amy!!

I JUST happened to have the flowers!!


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Thank you for offering this extra session for the Voyageur bag. I managed to finish it.

                            L Pellerin-2017 Voyageur Bag >

L Pellerin-2017 Voyageur Bag

Marie M-2017 Magic Tiles

< Marie M-2017 Magic Tiles

(QP Note: Marie visits from Newfoundland every Christmas and stocks up!)

Hello Ladies,

I meant to send you this photo ages ago but it's been a busy summer and the bag has been in use constantly.  I took the class in June, and finished the bag at home. Love it!


                         Maureen K-2017 Voyager Bag >


Maureen K-2017 Bag

Micheline G-2017 Q1 for the NoviceMicheline G-2017 Q1 for the Novice

Hi Val

I finally finished my bag and it looks amazing if I don't say myself!!!!

Thank you and have a great day!!!!

                                Traci N-2017 Voyager Bag >

Traci N-2017 Voyager Bag

Therese-2016 Row By Row.jpg

Therese with her completed Row by Row quilt. Note our Bee's Knees on the right -- it looks very different (but still great!) in country colours. 

< Therese 2016-Row By Row

Cindy put her Cat's Cradle (Shaded Four-Patch) quilt together in a PhD class. It's a very happy quilt, and Cindy's very happy to have it done!

                         Cindy-2016 Shaded Four-Patch >

Cindy-2016 Shaded Four-Patch

Shirley, Suzanne, Gisele-2016 Diva Wallet classShirley, Suzanne, Gisele-2016 Diva Wallet class
Mary-B-2016 Mini-Trees TR

  We really enjoyed the class and are enjoying getting the table runners finished and trying another project with the curved ruler.

Mary B-2016 Mini Trees Table Runner

Bev M-2016 Stop-and-Go class

Bev M-2016-Stop-and-Go class

Billie S-2016 Wine Glass Lampshade

I am having SO much fun with my Janome 12000!  This wine glass lampshade took almost 4 hours to stitch out but it was so worth it, don't you think?

< Billie S-2016 Wine Glass Lampshade

Several months ago I purchased this fabric to make something for my son, the maths (and sometime science)teacher.  Finished it for his birthday last week.  I also made him an apron with the periodic table fabric.  Now for some fabric for the the other son who works in the accounting area!!


                                            Donna C-2016 Vest >

Donna C-2016 Vest

Jess and Anne-2016Jess and Anne-2016 Woolly Woolly Bag
Suzanne and Cindy-2016Suzanne and Cindy-2016 Woolly Woolly Bag

Valerie Lutes'Poinsettia Class-2016Valerie Lutes' Poinsettia Class-2016

Hello Val, Tamara and Amy

As promised, please find attached photos of the stylish Geranium Dress (Made by Rae pattern) and happy and colourful  fabric by designer Sarah Campbell made for Michael Miller fabrics  sea holly seaside garden. It is being modeled by my grand daughter. It was a joy to sew this beautiful dress and even more to see her eyes fill with happiness knowing grand maman had made a dress for her. She has worn it to a special party and I am proud to share my story and photos with you. The quality fabric from your store was the instigator to light up my spirit to follow through on this nice project.

As always, many thanks to you and all ladies at Quilty Pleasures who continue to be so helpful, customer-centric and most of all, inspiring in supporting my crafts. 

A special thank you to my daughter who is so supportive in providing me with her thoughts on what her artistry is about and in turn, enabling me to interpret through my sewing the production of a finished product that is more meaningful to the recipient.

Kindest Regards,

Louise F-2016

Louise F-2016

Rose L-2016 Animal Quilt-01

I had bought the pattern from QP about a year or so ago, and Tamara had helped me pick out some of the material.  I finally finished the top, and it was quilted by Alice Chancey.  I added a border embroidered with a little poem personalized to (my granddaughter) – who was receiving the quilt.

I am also sending you a picture of her so you can see which of the grandkids go the

Rose L-2016 Animal Quilt

Rose L-2016 Animal Quilt-02a

Shirley G-2016-Wallet 01Shirley G-2016-Wallet 1
Shirley G-2016-Wallet 02
Shirley G-2016-Wallet 03Shirley G-2016-Wallet 2
Shirley G-2016-Wallet 04

Shirley G-2016-Wallet 05
Shirley G-2016-Wallet 06Shirley G-2016-Wallet 3
Shirley G-2016-Wallet 07
Shirley G-2016-Wallet 08

Aline C-2015Aline C-2015

allo tout le monde,

voici mon dernier projet. ca prends plus de temps a couper/coudre/repasser que de tout rassembler. moi je la trouve "fantastiquement belle". J'espere que la couleur rendra hommage au produit reel.

a bientot

j'en ai encore beaucoup en tete..... Un jour peut-etre j'aurai un inventaire suffisant pour aller au salon des metiers d'arts de Montreal.

 Aline the "Busy Bee"

Joya H-2015 Q1 for her daughterJoya H-2015 Q1 for her daughter

Jocelyne S-2015

Good afternoon

The quilt for Max, a great nephew that is two weeks old, has allowed me to practice my Free Motion quilting that I learned from Wendy Foster-Birch. I did all the quilting, not perfect but a big confidence boost for me!! I will try again, practice makes perfect!!

I also thank Tamara for helping me choose charm squares to compliment the ones I had as well as the yellow material. At the time I bought the material Max was not born and the parents did not know the sex of the baby to be, so a neutral color was required. 


I'm very pleased with the quilt and hopefully Max will enjoy rolling on it!!

An added note, Thank you very much,  for  Jen Houlden's trunk show , an inspiring night. 

Have a great day

Jocelyne S-2015

Julie P-2015-01Julie P-2015


Your help was very much appreciated. Thank you so much for your help and patience as you graciously guided me with this first project of mine.



Hi Julie,

We have all seen your quilt and are utterly Amazed!  You have done such a wonderful job!  Well Done!  And it looks terrific against that lovely wall.

Another customer today was inquiring about making a rag quilt and so we brought her into the office and showed her your photos on the computer.

They were very helpful. The customer was impressed with your quilt!  So I just have one question...what is your next project?? ;)

See you at the shop,

Thanks Joan!

You were so kind and helpful. I could never have done this without you and your expertise! I’ll be taking a bit of a break,,,but if I ever get the urge to start another quilting project, I’ll be looking for you!

Have a nice weekend!


Julie P-2015-02

Some of the quilts I made for Christmas.  I learned so much and you guys inspired me. Thank you for your time and patience

Laurie K-2015

Guatemala Christmas 2014

Laurie K-jan2015-01
Laurie K-jan2015-02
Laurie K-jan2015-01

Laurie K-jan2015-04
Laurie K-jan2015-05
Laurie K-jan2015-06
Laurie K-jan2015-07

Laurie K-jan2015-08
Laurie K-jan2015-09
Laurie K-jan2015-10

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