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Gallery 2 (2019 - 2020)

The QP Gallery is like a big beautiful trunk show and everyone's invited! Here's where we can share each other's lovely accomplishments. Take a picture of your latest creation and send it to


Blue Line
Anne-Marie 2019-Q1Anne-Marie 2019-Q1
Annie 2019-Q1Annie 2019-Q1
Heather 2019-Crazy-QuiltHeather 2019-Crazy Quilt

Mireille 2019-Q1Mireille 2019-Q1
Solange2019-Q1Solange 2019-Q1
Eve S-2019 One-Block-WonderEve S 2019-One-Block-Wonder

Donna 2019-Stained-Glass-(in-progress)Donna 2019-Stained Glass (in-progress)
Lucy 2019-Crazy-QuiltLucy 2019-Crazy Quilt
Norma 2019-One-Block-WonderNorma 2019-One-Block-Wonder

Melanie-2019-Daisy1Melanie 2019
Here is Daisy, enjoying her daisy bandana
Melanie-2019-Daisy2(reversible, no less, I don't mess about when I dog-sit). Thanks for the fabric suggestions.
John 2019John 2019

JeanP-2019Jean P 2019
Hi Ladies. Here’s my quilt which earned me 3rd place ribbon at the Vermont Quilt Festival. Enjoy
Rene L ToteRené L 2019

Hi...I recently took the Duffle Bag class with Valerie. 

Would you be so kind and let Valerie know that I entered the bag in the Navan Fair Homecraft competition (Men only category) and it won First place!

Thank you, Valerie. 

Rene L Tote 2René L 2019


Traci and Toni 2019
Hello QP Ladies. Wanted to share our second project using the quick curve mini ruler. Toni and I really enjoyed the class and we’re having fun using the ruler!!! Thank you, Toni and Traci

Traci-Toni-Tree1-2019Traci and Toni 2019

Good afternoon ladies of QP. Just wanted to show you our finished projects and what life is like on a Toni/Traci quilt retreat!!! 😝 Enjoy your week ladies!!

Please share with Tamara and Val

Traci-Toni-Tree2-2019Traci and Toni 2019
Traci-Toni-Mudshake-2019Traci and Toni 2019

DianeQ Q1 2019Diane Q 2019

OMG I learned SO MUCH!!!  I'm looking forward to quilting my creation.

Now I'm going to practice what I learned so that I'll be comfortable when I take the Quilting 2 class.

Please pass along to Valerie:  I discovered that the corners line up so much better when the seams are nested  

Fran T 2019Fran T 2019
This email is intended for Valerie Lutes.

Hi Valerie,

Here’s my finished border.

“I like it”! Glad you talked me into it.
Will show you the finished product when all quilted.

Take care!


Isolation sewing 😊
These pieces have been done since the Pandemic has been called. Lots of UFOs are being completed!!.
The 2 large quilt tops are for Victoria Quilts. I'll  quilt them once I have backing and batting. The head bands are for my grand-daughters for their Easter basket. The alphabet one is for CHEO.
All's good. Nice to purge my stash. All the more room to stock up once things return to normal. Happy quilting!!  😷 Kathryn

Kathryn W 2020 Kathryn W 2020
Kathryn W 2020
KathrynW-5-2020Kathryn W 2020

KathrynW-4-2020Kathryn W 2020
 KathrynW-6-2020Kathryn W 2020
This week it's been placemats!  Sets of 4.
Naomi YG 2020Naomi YG 2020
My latest experiments

Donna C 2020Donna C 2020
Top is finished-hand stitched it all except for the sashing seams. Whew 😅 Donna

Dear folks at QP.

I am hoping you enjoy this. This is the fabric I won at your open house with the TrendTex representative.

Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement.

The pattern is Turning Twenty Again.

Trusting you are all healthy.

Janet C 2020 Turning Twenty AgainJanet C 2020-Turning Twenty Again

Good morning QP.

I wanted to share my thanks to Tamara for helping pick out the various grunge fabrics for the challenge quilt exercise with the Common Thread Quilt Guild. This was my first foray into foundation paper piecing and I had no clue as to what and how much fabric to purchase. Tamara took me to the basement and we choose almost all of the grunge fabric found. It was a perfect amount. This will be a Queen size quilt.

Thank you Tamara and Quilty Pleasures for making all aspects of quilting a pleasurable experience.

Susanne M 2020Susanne M 2020
Kristy Joy S Pillows 2020Kristy Joy S 2020 - Pillows

The fabric suggestions that you made are super! They look gorgeous in our green and grey living room. Many thanks. Kristy

I’ve used a number of techniques: paper piecing (very detailed!), crazy quilt (The Grinch) and regular piecing. Enjoy!

I’m very proud of them, so no problem if you wish to include them in show and tell. Take care.


Ginette B Paw Patrol 2020Ginette B 2020 - Paw Patrol
Ginette B Grinch 2020Ginette B 2020 - Grinch
Ginette B 1 2020Ginette B 2020

Ginette B 2 2020Ginette B 2020
Ginette B Whales 2020Ginette B 2020 - Whales
A while ago you gave me these fat quarters. Danie and I each did a quilt, the same but oh so different. The ‘orange peel’ has been laser cut and machine appliquéd.

Thank you on behalf of Victoria’s Quilts, and thank you from Danie and me. We did these remotely but together and we are both happy with the results.

Stay safe


Janet C and Danie 2020Janet C and Danie 2020

Janet C and Danie 2020Janet C and Danie 2020
Sherrill C 2020Sherrill C 2020

Thanks to your wonderful staff and Elke I have completed my quilt. Have started another. Thanks for making this lockdown so much easier. Joan F
Joan F 2020Joan F 2020

Hi Amy,  Here’s a picture of the Arctic Adventure quilt I made into a weighted blanket for my daughter Stephanie.  The top was fun to make and I like the fireside fabric for the back.  Even with the pellets, the blanket is cozy.

I poured the beads, between the batting and the fireside fabric, down each channel using a funnel then pushed them down with a yard stick, pined tightly across with the beads on one side, sewed across on my marked lines.  Then repeated the process.  It took a while and I did spill some beads and broke two needles.  LOL  It helped that I set up my sewing machine on the big table next to the beads filling station so that I did not have to carry the blanket to the machine.

Adele S
Adele S 1 2020Adele S 1 2020
Adele S 2 2020Adele S 2 2020

Hi Everyone, just wanted to show my cushion from your pattern Val. I have made it a number of times. Love making it.

Elaine E 2020Elaine E 2020

Thought I'd share. My daughter turned her candy shop into a fabric store after visiting your shop. Thank you and your amazing staff.

Lynette M

Lynette M 2020 Candy Fabric ShopLynette M 2020 - Candy Fabric Shop

60 degree diamond ruler 160 Degree Diamond Ruler
60 degree diamond ruler 2Been having fun trying out this ruler.
60 degree diamond ruler 3These are the 4 things I’ve made, so far.
60 degree diamond ruler 4Sherrill C 2020

Sandra R 2020 - Applique 1Sandra R 2020 - Applique 1
Sandra R 2020 - Applique 2Sandra R 2020 - Applique 2
Sandra R 2020 - Applique 3Sandra R 2020 - Applique 3
Sandra R 2020 - Applique 4Sandra R 2020 - Applique 4

ChristaL 2020 - Christmas StockingsChristaL 2020 - Christmas Stockings
JudithH 2020 - Christmas Tree JudithH 2020 - Christmas Tree
I have started working on a second tree! Soon I will have mastered appliqué! Judy
KellyC 2020 - Christmas QuiltKellyC 2020 - Christmas Quilt

I hope you are well and keeping safe.
Here is my latest ´Covid’ quilt. It features a number of techniques: piecing, paper piecing, embroidery and appliqué. I really enjoyed making it for my grandson! I’m happy to report he is thrilled! I would appreciate it if you would post it in your gallery. Thank you.
GInetteB 2020 - Grinch QuiltGinetteB 2020 - Grinch Quilt

Blue Line