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Gallery 2

The QP Gallery is like a big beautiful trunk show and everyone's invited! Here's where we can share each other's lovely accomplishments. Take a picture of your latest creation and send it to

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Blue Line
Anne-Marie 2019-Q1Anne-Marie 2019-Q1
Annie 2019-Q1Annie 2019-Q1
Heather 2019-Crazy-QuiltHeather 2019-Crazy Quilt

Mireille 2019-Q1Mireille 2019-Q1
Solange2019-Q1Solange 2019-Q1
Eve S-2019 One-Block-WonderEve S 2019-One-Block-Wonder

Donna 2019-Stained-Glass-(in-progress)Donna 2019-Stained Glass (in-progress)
Lucy 2019-Crazy-QuiltLucy 2019-Crazy Quilt
Norma 2019-One-Block-WonderNorma 2019-One-Block-Wonder

Melanie-2019-Daisy1Melanie 2019
Here is Daisy, enjoying her daisy bandana
Melanie-2019-Daisy2(reversible, no less, I don't mess about when I dog-sit). Thanks for the fabric suggestions.
John 2019John 2019

JeanP-2019Jean P 2019
Hi Ladies. Here’s my quilt which earned me 3rd place ribbon at the Vermont Quilt Festival. Enjoy
Rene L ToteRené L 2019

Hi...I recently took the Duffle Bag class with Valerie. 

Would you be so kind and let Valerie know that I entered the bag in the Navan Fair Homecraft competition (Men only category) and it won First place!

Thank you, Valerie. 

Rene L Tote 2René L 2019


Traci and Toni 2019
Hello QP Ladies. Wanted to share our second project using the quick curve mini ruler. Toni and I really enjoyed the class and we’re having fun using the ruler!!! Thank you, Toni and Traci

Traci-Toni-Tree1-2019Traci and Toni 2019

Good afternoon ladies of QP. Just wanted to show you our finished projects and what life is like on a Toni/Traci quilt retreat!!! 😝 Enjoy your week ladies!!

Please share with Tamara and Val

Traci-Toni-Tree2-2019Traci and Toni 2019
Traci-Toni-Mudshake-2019Traci and Toni 2019