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Class Requirements:

-Stripology Mixology 3 by Gudrun Erla
-Striplogy Squared or Stripology XL ruler (The XL ruler is more versatile, but the Squared ruler is a bit easier to handle for this project).
-GEasy Ruler Stickers
-GE Organizing stickers (recommended but not required)
-Wonder Clips (I like the larger ones for this project)
-rotating cutting mat (highly recommended)
-Mary Ellen's Best Press
-a sharp 45mm or 60mm rotary cutter
-microtex 10/12 needle
-marking pen/pencil of choice
-thread scissors
-Konfetti thread in a neutral colour or one to co-ordinate with your project
-sewing machine in good working order with a 1/4" foot

Fabric and Class Prep:

Please treat your fabric with Mary Ellen's Best Press before cutting.  Consult page 47 in the book to determine how many coordinating 10" squares you will need for the size of quilt you would like to make.  Please note that a layer cake will be more than enough to make a crib size , but not enough for a lap size or larger.  Check the availability of of coordinating fabrics to supplement a layer cake if using one.  You can easily cut your own 10" squares using the Stripology ruler.  I recommend buying 0.3m of fabric to yield 4 accurate 10" squares.  (For the lap size sample, I used an assortment of 12 fabrics - cutting 4 squares of each.  If you need help cutting the squares, please call and leave a message at the store to arrange a time for a demo.  Please come to class with your squares cut, and sorted into pairs that you like together.  This will allow us to get right to work.
Skill Level:
Instructor Name:
Leslie Burtch


$ 40.00